New Song Sings

24 x 24 Mixed Media $1500 (sold)

New Song Sings was painted for an incredible woman who spreads daily hope through daily hand written prayers for over 22,000 woman who’s children are struggling with addiction. Her husband actually had this vision before she left for a mission trip to Ethiopia to encourage the women living in poverty. He saw her getting out of a pit and standing on a rock singing a song. When she looked back down at the pit.. she saw others looking up at her with golden faces. The vision showed me that it is the love of God that brings freedom to anyone and it is available to all of us. We don’t have to live in shame because of what Christ did on the cross. HE is the living water and He can put a new song in our heart.

Josephine reminds us that nothing we have done is ever so far out of the reach of God that He can’t forgive us. We must always extend that same love and gratitude to others. Josephine sings a new song remembering she’s set free from captivity. Her song calls many from the dark and dreary pit to take hold of the plumb-line of living water and rise above the darkness and into the light. She stands firm on a foundation of the ONE WHO SAVES. Her notes of praise summon unseen angels in the spirit realm to glorify the


Have one of these painted for yourself to remind you of a mom, a dad, a friend, a mentor or anyone who is singing a new song leading others to hope and a future!  This was a custom piece…any recreations will vary.

24 x 24 for $1500 (Sold)

The above are quotes for

Custom work and sizes available… Contact artist for details…originals and can not be promised to be exactly like the one painted.

Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.  –Psalms 34:5

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