Kim Bullen

Wanna know
my roots?

Let’s dig a little deeper…
Kim grew up in Wilmot, Arkansas…

a small farming town in the middle of nowhere… about an hour away from ‘good groceries’. This tiny town became the place where her imagination would begin to take root.

The multitude of molasses slow days explored by a barefooted wanderer led Kim into stretching her curious mind to discover new ways to turn a day of boredom into impromptu moments of creativity.

This would be the beginning of her journey of turning her unseen imagined worlds into tangible outlets.

Kim graduated from LSU in Landscape Architecture in 1988 which reinforced her love for creating outdoor worlds.

She later returned to LSU Medical Center to receive a degree in Physical Therapy and currently works with special needs children in the school system to help them explore their world safely.

The privilege of discovering memorable moments with children who are caught in their own unique world advanced her desire to embrace the beauty in all circumstances and to look for the life giving messages that help us through a tough spot.


Seven years ago, after many years of artistic dormancy, Kim popped open a can of leftover house paint

She began to create the worlds that she fell in love with as a child and the stories that had caught her heart along the way.

Kim loves pondering a moment in the language of paint and allowing a message to flow through and attach itself to the painting!

You will find a heart felt message attached to each piece that is cultivated through hours of painted prayers.

Her passion is being still and capturing the colorful world with a palette knife and paint in hand.

As a result,
two artists have emerged…

One paints with an impressionistic style and an occasional lean towards the abstract.

The other is more primitive and childlike incorporating a threaded muse who likes to go by the name of Josephine, aka JoJo.

JoJo is Kim’s mental mascot, who represents a higher calling for us all, a thread of hope who weaves herself into each painting to remind us all to SIMPLY BE!

She encourages us all to rise above the difficult times and discover a place where freedom, joy and purpose abide, a place of simplicity and childlike faith, a place where the grass becomes green right beneath your feet.

Josephine’s work has a mission to tell people’s testimonies you will find attached to each painting.

The art is a vision that represents the turning point from their darkest moments into a place where God’s strength and childlike faith collide to tell a story of hope.

May you discover the wonders within
Josephine’s World!

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