Minnows and Manna

The life of an Egret…

Can you imagine

what life would be like

as a Louisiana Egret?

One of those southern natives

landed 10 feet from my car,

the other day,

while driving down

our long gravel road.

He just stood there

and stared at me

for a good 5 minutes!

I felt like the Lord

was slowing my hurried heart down

and corraling its beat

into a moment of sweet.

So, I just sat there

and stared right back…

listening for that still quiet voice

to speak…

“You’re going to paint this guy”


His message came as the painted layers

began to process and translate

this orchestrated Egret moment

into the English language…

The LORD ever so gently

unveiled a vision

of HIS manna

falling from the sky…

filling the Egrets world and mine,

his basket and mine,

his heart and mine.

His Word criss crossing our minds

and filling it with HIS peace.

Minnows and Manna!

That’s the take home nugget…

and what I yearn to catch

on a daily basis!

This Egret inspired this little gal

to look for His message

in all my circumstances…

and in whatever crosses my path!

Look at the birds.

They don’t plant or harvest,

they don’t have storerooms or barns,

but God feeds them.. And you are worth much more than birds.

– Luke 12:24

Minnows & Manna

(16 x 7 framed mixed media for $175.00)

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