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I have finally come into being

For decades… I’ve been trapped in the makings of my maker.  

Thankfully, she finally heard my many whispers and tickles to her heart.  

Her calling finally came out!  

No easy task with all the distractions pulling her away from who she was created to be.  

But now… It’s time your stories be told… through me…

Stories of gold and hopes to be!

 I come from the Biblical days… way back during the days of Joseph…

you know… the guy who had the coat of many colors.  

Actually… I’m Joseph’s lil sis!  

Anyway, I’d sneak into his room and slip on his coat when days got tough.  

And believe me!  Those days weren’t easy!!!

But when I’d slip on that covering of beautiful colors… the whole world looked different.  

What was dark became light… what was wrong became bright… all lies I believed became revealed.  

 I was created for YOU…

to remind you of who you are created to be… FREE that is!!!!

Free from what you see and hear around you that is bringing your heart below ground level.  

My message is a colorful one… Filled with hope and light and truth!  

 I’m black to absorb the Lord

and I wear white to better reflect Him.  

I’m stitched in red to remind me that I’m covered by the blood of the Lamb….

You’ll see me throughout the paintings… I’m stitched in…

just as you were hand-woven into your mother’s womb.  

My arms are always raised…


Fragrant with praise…

Everything around is arranged by Him to bring you to a better place!  

Whether you understand it or not… it’s more important that you let go and just BE.  

Trusting that God has heard your prayers and cries

and replacing all of your worries with visions of hope and truth!  

 So… step into my world…

maybe you’ll see yourself in a few paintings.  

Each picture has someone’s story… someone’s testimony…

some not yet walked out but a test of  where they are headed…

where darkness has been overcome with light and cemented with a picture of hope!  

 Let my girl… Kim Bullen… paint your hope if you’re in a rough spot…

or maybe she can paint a Happy Place for someone you love!


  1. Taylor Latch

    Sweet website!

  2. Sandy mann

    So thankful to have been a partaker of Josaphines world from the beginning! Looking forward to an incredible journey filled with the Fathers wisdom and love!
    Kim Bullen was born for such a day as this!

    • Kim Bullen

      Yes… You have definitely watched this whole journey unfold! Kinda crazy how long its been going on…ummmm would you say about 50 years? I’m so thankful for your constant encouragement. You have always been my Barnabus friend! I love you my friend!!!!

  3. Kim

    Can’t wait to be witness to all the many lives Josephine will touch. Here’s to green grass and silver linings!

  4. Jackie Luquette

    Oh my gosh KIM. I remember the first two or three that you did. I walked away from your house that day knowing that this was a touch of the Master’s hand. What a beautiful way to share Christ! So excited to watch Josephine in the years to come.

    • Kim Bullen

      Jackie… I remember that day well… must’ve been 8-10 years ago? Josephine’s come a long way since then. I love how God has refined us both along the way. Always an adventure!!!! I love you and miss seeing you! Praying for Mike too!

  5. Nancy

    Great website and important message, Kim. Thanks for letting me join. Much love, Nancy

    • Kim Bullen

      I’m so happy you hopped on board Nancy! I have no idea where we’re headed but it’s been fun getting to this point!!! Love, Kim from the tribe of JoJo

  6. Stacey Frederick

    I love this !!!

    • Kim Bullen

      Thanks Stacey! I’m happy it touched your heart!!!! More to come so stay tuned!!!

  7. Cheryll

    Love this beautiful ministry of yours- so happy I stumbled across your blog- love your work and your heart!

    • Kim Bullen

      Thank you so much Cheryl! That makes my heart so happy! Please keep checking it out… hoping to post art with peoples stories weekly.

  8. Roxanne

    These are beautiful – what a gift! Thank you for having the courage to share your gift with others. God Bless!

    • Kim Bullen

      Roxanne! I am just now seeing this! So sorry it took me so long to respond. Thank YOU for being such a supportive friend. I love seeing what God is doing in your lives and can’t wait to see where we all end up!


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