The Cardinal journey

began as a gift

painted for dear friends

who lost their sweet son…


Jenny said

every time she thought of Jack…

a cardinal

would fly by…

and felt it was a sign from above.

So, I decided

to capture that sweet thought

in red paint

so they could always have a cardinal

nesting in their home.

Since then,

it has evolved from original art…

to printed

greeting cards

and now into beautifully woven

linen threads…

with the desire

of literally

wrapping up

in a prayerful cloth

and settling

right on in

to a story

of HOPE. 

Why not wrap yourself

in the gift of hope



This scarf showcases part of its story…

literally woven around the edges...

a signature characteristic

that can be found

on a KimBullenDesigns scarf…

affectionately known as…

Scarf Stories…

(the first of many)

and Mr. Cardinal

is kicking it off as Chapter One!

Cover your shoulders for all season…

on an evening out,

wear around your neck during outdoor walks,

use as light and airy protection from the sun,

or just wrap up in The Cardinal at home

with a warm cup of tea…

or you can even go a little bohemian

and where as a chic top  

and hair wrap!


Its soft airy feel 

will comfort your body along with your heart!

Each scarf is 37.4 x 37.4 inches,

made from high quality,

light weight linen, modal and organic cotton.

(60% cotton/20% linen/20% modal)



Part of the proceeds will be donated

to MusiCares Foundation

in hopes of helping

those struggling with addiction

afford rehabilitation.

In Memory of Jack Gray

Our mission is to raise awareness of the epidemic sweeping across this nation.

May we all come together to help those in need…

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