It’s been an interesting month

in the studio!

I am

always in awe

of how God weaves

two unseemly subjects together…

One being…

“The Angel Teepee” collection…

a visual reminder

of His covering and protection.


And the other …

“The TP Frenzy” series

“TP or No TP… That is the Question”

a quirky memento

of the world’s peculiar focus

during this

‘shelter in place’ season.   

“The TP Times”

One can sense the struggle

is real

between the two…

but both question where my head is stationed.

Do I fixate on what


“Naked & Afraid”

or tune in

to the One

who equips 



“Angel Teepee VIII”

The bell goes off…

The wrestling match begins..

there’s Fear the Lyinazz …

in one corner

and Laugh Turiz

chuckling in the other…

the whistle blows …

and Laugh Turiz pins Fear’s Azz to the ground …

(Yes… this is how my brain plays)

It’s in these moments that I realize

the battle has already been won.

“Laissez Les Bons Charmin Rouler”


It’s in these moments

I am oh so thankful for

the sweet and gentle Spirit

that infuses some truthful levity

into my wrestling matches… 

(cue the naked toilet paper roll artwork)  

“Angel Teepee IV”… “Naked & Afraid”

It is in these moments…

despite the rumors of doom lurking

around their gloomy corners…

the skies seem to be more radiant

floating with clouds

that lift the wonders

within our deepest thoughts….

In an instant,

one recognizes

the true qualities in life…

have been right in front of us all along…

our family,

our friends,

our well being…

the joy in the song of a bird…

it seems their songs

have become more beautiful …

the grass appears greener

“Angel Teepee X”

It is in these moments…

the true luxury surfaces

in knowing…

“Angel Teepee V”

His Teepee

(not TP)


is protecting

you, me ,

and all of our loved ones. 

(cue the Angel’s Teepee Series)

May you discover the blessing

in all the seasons

of life’s journey.

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