Almost a year ago…

our best friends lost their sweet son …

I cannot grasp the depth of grief

they have learned to lean into since then…

Jack touched so many hearts.

It was a privilege to be a part of his life.

They will tell you…

that their faith

has carried them through

this difficult season.

They will tell you…

that they look intensely

for God’s messages of hope

and any signs of light

that can help them through

each day,

each hour,

each moment…

They will tell you…


has comforted them greatly

through His word, His people and His creations around.

One of these comforts that seems to touch Jenny’s heart


the red cardinal…

She says…

every time she thinks of Jack…

a cardinal appears!

Of course…

this sweet message just had to be painted!

So… I ventured into the land of red paint

and discovered a few interesting thoughts to ponder

while attempting to capture this little bird

on a canvas for my friend.

Did you know?



means chief…

hence the impressive Indian head-dress

that crowns the top of its red head…



relates to the hinge of a door

or the pivot to turn the hinge…

it is what allows a door to swing open…

and is originally derived

from crux or cross…



also means heart…



indicates a matter of great importance

Could it be…

that the Cardinal comes

to remind us

that our loved ones

have passed through the (hinged) door

of this life on earth

and into the heart of our


Creator of all things?

Could it be…

that the One who carried the cross…

is the One who stands at the door

ready and waiting to hinge the door open

for His children to cross?

Could it be…

that your heart’s cry

is of great importance…

So much so,

that a tiny feathered messenger

was sent

to comfort you and say…

they are with me’.

May we remember

to look towards the One

who opens and closes

the doors of our hearts

when we’re feeling


May we add

an E,N and an L

to that feeling…

and let our burdens be lifted

like the red bird in flight…

and turn the heavy

into the



a sign to those

left tending this earth…

a song for the heart

and all of its hurts…

a note to revive

the truth of His word…

the red cardinal

soars above as it sings…

the red cardinal


our hearts

with red wings.

As a tribute to Jack and his family…

I painted many cardinals as a loving reminder

of those who have gone ahead of us.

His family would like to raise awareness

of the opioid and heroin epidemic

that is attempting to overtake our country

and attacking our children.

A percentage of the proceeds of these cardinals

will be given to MusiCares Foundation

to help loved ones

struggling with addiction

be able to afford a recovery program.

Jack was an incredibly gifted guitar player

and played with a red pic.

A red guitar pic can be found embedded in several

of the cardinals in memory of his gift

in playing the guitar

like a boss.

P.S… The cardinal does not migrate like the other birds!

He will never leave you or forsake you

Deut 31:6

Send me a message if you are interested in purchasing a cardinal…

Cardinal Scarf in linen ($150.00) 

Commissioned Artwork (Contact Artist)

Cardinal Cards ($20.00)

A percentage will go towards the Music Care Foundation

in memory of Jack Gray.  

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