Never let it be said

that to dream

is a waste of one’s time,

for dreams

are our realities

in waiting.

In dreams,

we plant the seeds of our future.

-Author Unknown

May you continue

to push through

the darkness


all of its


doubts &


and discover

the deeply planted seeds


light and truth

to guide you upwards


who you were called

to BE.

Called into the moment where:

Hope takes root…

Seeds sprout wings…

Dreams come true…

and your

Soul soars to new heights…



your purpose…

your calling…

your passion!

Don’t give up!

Your dreams are not a fairy tale!

Fun Facts:

Grandma Moses started painting at age 76

John Glenn entered space at age 77

Colonel Sanders started his business at age 65

Noah Webster published a dictionary at age 66

John Pemberton invented coca cola at age 55

It’s never too late!

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