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12 x 12 mixed media  $200.00


“Even before you knew me personally,

you responded to My creation

with wonder…

The whole earth is full

of My radiant beauty

– My Glory!” –

Sarah Young /Jesus Calling





I know… God must giggle

while watching my amateur attempts

to reproduce His beauty

with the help of a palette knife

and a dab of paint…

but I do think it makes His heart smile

when He sees me stopping

and soaking in

the Magnificence

of the moment.

You just can’t do art

and not be in the moment…

with HIM!

Some may not even realize

just Who they’re hangin’ with

and just Who

made that moment happen for them

while painting its Splendor! 

But, oh so many

do acknowledge His Presence

and keep coming back for more! 

And then…

out of the blue…


It’s been almost a year since Sea Worthy was painted on Miramar Beach

while basking in the deep blue

filled with light and soothing seas…

Last week…

Tuesday to be exact!

I finally released this artwork through Josephine’s newsletter

to introduce this little ‘piece of sea’ to JoJo’s new friends

who so graciously signed up to receive!

It was scheduled to post on Autopilot Airwaves.

This would allow my hubby and I a chance to escape our routine worlds …

and find a place far far away in a foreign land…

some 1680 miles…

near the deep blue sea!

While nestled into our sweet retreat…

watching the early sun rise above her bold blue stage, 

I somehow remembered

‘this is the morning that Josephine’s newsletter is scheduled for take off’…


Today’s modern day ‘Apple’ that tempts the Eve in me to leave yet another bite mark …

aka… my iphone…

nibbling into my peaceful moment…

with its familiar ding 

notifying me…

SeaWorthy had made its way to the cyber portals of a whole new set of eyes

with roots shooting deep into well-formed hearts…

And then…

I look up from the Ding-makin’-thing…

(please take note my sweet rooted hearts on the other end of this message…

take note that many moons have passed since the little red k signed this little Sea off into its own being…

Take note that on that morning …)

and this is what

I see….


I look up and literally see


center stage…

no paint, no canvas, no palette knife, no lil red k

Creation at its finest…

present tense

harmonizing with a palette of

sky, water, sand and one lofty cloud…

His Breath and mine…

all captured in a glance…

One moment in time !


A little wink and a big nod from the One 

who is in charge of every detail in our bubbled worlds.

What a comfort to know…

with a simple sound of a ding

He is calling forth the scene with a full-blown orchestra

pursuing our every moment

with His endless array of unseen instruments… 

all playing a mysteriously perfect melody

for each of us to dance

to this tune called life!

I pray this strengthens the strings of your heart in knowing…

He’s got the need. He’s got the problem.  He’s got the hurt.  He’s got the comfort.

Whatever is troubling you…

Just know….

He’s Got This!

He’s in your scene!

Take note…


SEE WORTHY (not misspelled) photographed somewhere in the Dominican Republic May 2017

SEA WORTHY painted somewhere in Miramar Beach, Florida May 2016.

HE SEES you and finds you are WORTHY of His Love and attention to every detail in your life!

To the choirmaster: according to The Gittith. A Psalm of David. O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory above the heavens. Out of the mouth of babies and infants, you have established strength because of your foes, to still the enemy and the avenger. When I look at your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him? Yet you have made him a little lower than the heavenly beings and crowned him with glory and honor. Psalms 8:1-9


  1. Jenny

    I love it when those “winks” happen! And Kim, the way you interpret and share so openly and with a pure and genuine heart truly inspires me. You have been blessed beyond measure and I know that God is so happy that you are sharing your gifts with all of us! It is my prayer that your gifts will encourage all of us to use and share our own.

    • Kim Bullen

      Me too! And thank you Jenny! That’s my prayer too… everyone’s got such a special gift to open… hoping everyone opens it up and shares them with us all!!! Love you my friend!

  2. Ellen Ferrari

    I love “winks”. ❤️

    • Kim Bullen

      Hehe… and to think… you’re name is TiddlyWINKs !

  3. D at Be You and Thrive

    ….and there’s the wink.
    What a peace. What joy and contentment . He is worthy and a gift to see!!!!

    • Kim Bullen

      Yes and amen! So much of Him to see in so many beautiful ways! I love that you have found His gift in you! It makes me heart smile!!!

  4. Dana Faciane

    I never cease to be amazed each time he gives us these wonderful confirmations that He is here always! Thank you for sharing

    • Kim Bullen

      Isn’t it incredible Dana? And to think… I could’ve missed the moment and become lost in the iphone or my own thoughts and never have seen what He was placing right in front of me! Crazy Good God we have on our side! How are you? Hoping all is well!

  5. Jackie Luquette

    My heart is so overwhelming full to see the touch of The Masters Hand on your life being exhibited through your work. It fills one with the hope and reality of His true existence. Just reaching out to touch that cloud, reminds me of the hem of His garment. For in it, there is healing.

    • Kim Bullen

      Your words made my eyes water Jackie! Thank you! And thank you for helping me to begin to see HIM many many years ago. And yes… there is healing! Much much healing! I love you my friend!

  6. Diane

    So touched by our sweet God and the precious reminder He gave you of His love for His daughter. He is all around us, if we just allow Him the time and are mindful as we scurry around here on planet ! I love your sweet Josephine! Thanks for sharing.

    • Kim Bullen

      Yes… HE IS! And it’s so easy to get caught up in all of the distractions and hidden ‘apples’ in this world. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and share your thoughts. It means so much to me! I love her too! She is a light towards His purpose for me!

  7. Sandy Mann

    Total comfirmation‼️
    He always confirms HIS words!
    Your obedience to HIS call on your life-that’s what it’s all about. You surrendered your life to The Lordship of Jesus Christ allowing HIM to flow thru you anyway HE chooses and we all get to be the recipient of that choice you made

    • Kim Bullen

      Yes HE does… and I love how He does it in so many subtle and beautiful ways! I’m so excited to be a part of the process and hoping everyone is encouraged to surrender to His ways through them. I love you my little palette of Sand!

  8. Marybeth West

    Winks keep me going everyday! Thank you for this!

    • Kim Bullen

      Me too Mary Beth! And thank YOU for taking the time to read the story! I hope you have a wonderful WINK-filled day!

  9. kim mclain

    I love this confirmation, I love this painting, I love you and I love that we have a Father who is so in love with us that He doesn’t miss a moment. His presence is always with us! : ))

    • Kim Bullen

      YES it is! And I love you too my friend… one of the catalysts to this wonderful journey I’m on. Thank you for being a stoke to His fire within. You are such a gift in my life!

  10. Dean Deslatte

    The “winks” are all around us. Sometimes our eyes are open, but we just don’t see them. We just need to slow down in our daily routines so that we can see them!

    Love the painting!

    • Kim Bullen

      So true! My prayer is that we come to know these winks more and more each moment! And thank you for your sweet words… it feels so good to finally be able to step into my passion! Hope you have a great day!

  11. Nette

    That’s beautiful and awesome!

    • Kim Bullen

      Thank you Nette! And isn’t it crazy how God speaks to us? I could’ve missed Him so easily and He’s always subtly passing by. I MISS YOU! And would love to see you next time you’re in Laffy!

  12. Dedra

    Chills, Kim! Chills! The Master has out-witted the master. They are both beautiful and I’m so happy you had this incredible God moment and thank you for sharing it with us!

    • Kim Bullen

      Me too Dedra! I got chills when that scene set up right before my eyes! Just think if I had not looked up from that Apple! I’d have missed Him once again! Thank you for always being such a support my sweet friend.

  13. Chris

    Kim, your writing and painting are captivating. Simply lovely. Thank you

    • Kim Bullen

      Awww… Thanks Chris! I’ve been thinking about you over there and praying for God’s covering. I know you’re not in England… but it triggers me to think of you. Hope you are doing well and looking forward to your big reveal!


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