Marsh Mellow Moments Modal/Cashmere Wrap


“Earth is a merry damsel
and heaven a knight so true.”
-Emily Dickinson

capturing a slice of this earth 
with a bit of paint …
a deep soaking…
meditating on 
God’s incredible creations around.

When I go to the camp …
the feeling of God’s Hand
on this earth
is undeniably palpable! 

It’s truly a retreat
for the soul
to soak in
tHis Creative world
we live…
an all you can eat buffet…
if you will…
for the  hungry heart!
Oh Happy Day to you!!!

Wrap yourself in a “Marsh Mellow Moment” everyday… this scarf can be used for all seasons.

Scarf inspired by “Marsh Mellow Moments” mixed media painting…

If you are interested in the original piece of artwork…

Contact me for availability.

1 in stock


A gift to literally
wrap up
in a story
of HOPE…
with words to lift you
and ignite a spark
within your heart!

Cover your shoulders on an evening out, wear around your neck during outdoor walks, use as light and airy protection from the sun, or just wrap up in The Cardinal at home with a warm cup of tea. With a soft hand feel and quality material, you can wear it knowing you’re comfy inside and out!

Each scarf is 40 x 71 inches, made from high quality, light weight modal and cashmere.

These scarves are literally flying off the shelves.  Please contact me for delivery time information.  And thank you so much for supporting my small business!

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 4 × 1 in


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