His Heart

His Heart

holds  months of painted prayers within.

Usually a message  for the artwork

comes during the process of painting.

However, this one was different.

Little did I know,

a sweet little worshiper

would find a place in her heart

and a spot in her home

before it even

left for market!

It’s been almost seven years since

this angel painting left with its new found friend…

Its delayed messege

presented itself when a vision

was triggered within the new owner.

One thing is for sure…

God’s timing is perfect!

This message was just as much for me as it was for her!

Maybe, you’ll find something in it for you too…

You may have heard of this sweet noted songbird…

In fact, many of my paintings

have been melodically infused

with the fragrant notes of her praise.

Lauren Daigle

is her earthly name …

but I call her


She uses her gift of worship in song

to usher the masses into His Presence.

She has discovered the treasured truth

that worship sets the captives free!

Each time she opens her gift…

allows others to receive His truth in song.

For those who have ears… let them hear!

(message below)

His heart,

His heart,

nudging me close,

inching me towards

the Peace

I need most!

His heart,

His heart,

answers unfold.

Treasures in hiding,

breaking earth’s mold…

opening doors

of promises




War ships

to sea…

fighting the battles


can no longer be!



War ships

at sea…

carrying vessels


fighting for me…

carrying angels

praising and singing

and setting me




with arms open wide.

Fingertips tingling,

palms turned upside…

He paints with His Spirit…

His palette from high,

painting me Golden…

without Him

I’m dry!



His fragrance

draws near.

Sensing His current

flushing out fear.

Wings start to flutter

making me fly…

all from the praise

that leads me up high.


His promise


slavery’s lie.

To darkness:

I claim …

an eternal


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