About 18 years ago…

I heard a soft whisper say…

“You will be writing your Grandma’s eulogy.”

Now Grandma Bell was still filled with life…

and me?

being of a rebellious nature

with a touch of stage fright,

I immediately dismissed the conversation

and went on my merry way of pursuing ‘my’ own will.

8 years later,

the news came that Grandma Bell had passed.

She truly made me feel special.

Her sweet faith and simple words

spoke volumes

to a wayward natured child

like myself .

When I learned of her passing,

the fingers met the keyboard

and 15 minutes later,

this poem came out:

Montrose Rose

Mud pies and lily paths

Hot days and rainy baths

Imagination plays for days

Relaxing in a Sunday haze

Smells of dirt between my toes

Wandering through her fresh crop rows

Smiling lips and peace-filled eyes

She had no fear of her demise.

Hazel is the one that sees

in her maker’s hand

to BE.


One of my favorite memories

is how she would wander through her garden,

set aside chosen lilies

and give each one a special name…

usually from one of her children

or a newest addition to the family.

Little did she know,

her walks through the garden

were making footsteps into my heart

and softening the soil of my soul.

Grandma’s love and sweet nature

helped me understand God’s love

and the special attention

He gives to each of us.

He has called her by name

into His garden

filled with His presence.

She is now, one of his heavenly lilies.

My hubby and I made the long, cold snowy drive

up to Arkansas to celebrate Grandma’s life.

The church pews were filled with the Love of everyone

sHE had touched in their lives.

Just as we sat down,

my Uncle Charles who is a minister

began the eulogy with these words…


and continued to read the rest of

God’s tribute that was ever so gently

planted in my heart 8 years prior.

I am so thankful

for having a LIVING God…

Who is faithful to speak through someone like me…

someone who lacks faith

a lot of the time to do His will…

I am thankful

that He works in mysterious ways

to get His messages across…

I am thankful

for my Grandma Bell

whose simple faith

plowed through the soil of a hardened world

just to plant a seed for someone like me.

How about you?

Do you have that special someone

who planted Kingdom seeds into your hearts soil?


or are you the Farmer

fertilizing the ground of someone’s soil?

Either way… just know…

You are His chosen lily!!!

Grandma’s Garden sold recently at a trunk show in Mer Rouge, LA

A fresh crop of garden paintings will begin early summer!

If you are interested in one, please let me know

and it will be added to the bouquet.

We recently had two successful showings in North Louisiana!

If you are interested in hosting a trunk show …

more paintings should be ready by the end of the summer or sooner…

message me if you’d like to have Josephine’s World of painted hope come into your home…

A world where the grass is always green and we are free to just BE!

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