Cotton Blossom Dreams

with the

Delta Queens

There’s just something about

getting reconnected

to our roots!

I had an invitation to do just that

with a beautiful group of women…

a generation ahead of me…

to remind

this traveled soul

of where my seeds were sown…

They were planted in the South!

Oh how my soul was quenched with…



and its


all coming together



showing me


is how you dance your way

into a day…

all welcoming me…

back to the place

where stories have souls

tickling my roots 

where the water runs deep

in the grounded language of


all dripped in honey

drawing from that sweet well…

of southern drawls and ya’lls


the innards of ones heart

for a second helpin

of the next morsel to hear.

No gossip…

just captivated ears

 hanging onto each note

of another melodic tale

that  would eventually be told.

These southern gals…

had smiles full of nurture

and eyes full of light

Not one weed in

this well fertilized bunch!!!

All teamed up

for the mission of that day..

Seize it…

Embrace it…


Dance it away!

I mean…

Have you ever

slow danced

with a moment?

Well these gals reminded me how!

I understand now why I had to create another world…

Josephine’s World

Once you grow up in a town

filled with such story telling souls…

It makes footprints on your heart

with a need to create a path

back to that special place…

a path returning to seeing

through childlike eyes…

Awakening wonder within

Enjoying the moment of


and not  

then or when. 

May you enjoy

slow dancing

with each moment

through this story tellin’ soulful day!

 “Cotton Blossom Dreams”

mixed media 20″ x 20″


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