Kentucky Derby Dove


“Kentucky Derby Dove”

20 x 20” mixed media on canvas

Grandma’s Garden Series


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from the garden

grabbed my innards…
and said…
‘Let’s ponder these

for a while
in paint.’

quietly drew me
to an
embedded reminder…
that we were
“Born to Bloom”

A colorful nudge
to fragrantly rise
towards that…
“bigger than life bouquet”…
spreading brightness
and JOY
wherever we find ourselves

Seeking for
more wonder
this pondering pond…
a room appeared…
where flowers float
in wallpapered skies …
baseboards beam
with sunny rays
and grass becomes
the new
shag carpet rage .

I sensed
the imagination
was just getting started…
without a sound…
a dove
eased into the canvas…
becoming a tree …
providing a nest
for those wallflowers
that fly
and may need a rest.

And then
this little dove
took a 180 degree
“about face”
and turned herself
into a
Southern Belle
wearing her best
Kentucky Derby Floral Headdress.

So, now you officially
have traveled
down the rambling road
within the mind of an artist.
Was that on your bucket list?


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