Lilies for Daze Set


“Lilies for Daze (Set of 3)

Approximately 24 x 44″ (pending spacing , mixed media on 1.5” gallery wrapped canvas

Grandma’s Garden Series


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This floral set of three canvases

is in honor of
my Grandma Bell
who was a genius
at growing flowers
especially daylilies…

Her haven was my wonderland!
Grandma had an acre of land
overflowing with the offspring
of her green thumb…

She made us feel so special
when she’d name
one her favorite lilies
after one of us…

I’d spend hours taking in
all of the detailed wonders
within each colorful bloom…

Looking back,
I now know this is
where I unknowingly
met the Almighty Gardener…
the Creator Himself…
staying quietly tucked away
deep in my heart …
nudging me gently …
‘take it ALL in’.

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 6 × 26 in


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