When I was a child…
I used to love playing
in my Grandma’s garden…
Daylillies, roses and phlox…
to name a few…
All creating a sea of colors…
Crayola boxes longed to hold!

The scent of old southern roses…
a crisp bright blue sky backdrop
for the bloomers of the day …
and the feel of powdery dirt
on bare feet 
before a summer rain…

All of these memories
have been SOAKing in
for all these years…
and have finally
this new collection ….

“Finding Wonder Again”

“Rosie Daze”
16″ x 20″ mixed media
handcrafted frame

An invitation

to enter a floral world of pure joy…

with a nod to the playful,

and a wink to hearts

filled with a will

to wonder!

“Pink Summer Rain”
16″ x 20″ mixed media
handcrafted frame

Making mudpies

with rose petal sprinkles …

“Tulipidity Dew Da”
16″ x 20″ mixed media
handcrafted frame

pollinating thoughts of JOY…


their reunion with hearts

remembering the simplicity


“Finding Wonder Again”

“Peony Palm Trees”
16″ x 20″ mixed media
handcrafted frame

a very rare find…

only found on the Isle of JoJo…

A fond memory of tucking under

my Grandma’s  sea of flowers

and imagining a world like no other…


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